5 Unique ways to make money online without any major investment

If you search over the internet for online money making ideas you will find thousands of people are claiming to make millions of dollar in a year. But do you know most of them are either fake or driving you to some fraud scheme where you will lose your hard earned money? There are no shortcuts if you want to make some serious money through online sources. This is true that you can make full-time income through online sources but that requires lots of hard work and dedication. The marketer who are claiming to buy this course and you will become a millionaire overnight is a decisive technique for promoting sales and generating leads for their products.  In fact, most of their testimonials are also fake which you can’t validate.

And I have also found many fake investment plans where they will ask you to triple your investment in a certain number of days. I invested in such a fraud company a year ago and within a couple of months, all details of that company got wiped out from social media and other online platforms. I lost almost 5 grand in this after that I did a lot of research and found some genuine sources to make online income. And these are personally tested so you won’t face any problem. But make sure you go only for that specific source in which you are comfortable and has the potential to make a substantial amount.

Online income sources which do not require major capital or investment

1. Blogging

This is one of the best sources to make online income if you are good at writing. If you can curate interesting content which engages people and drives a good number of traffic than this could be the area for your online courier. And you can start this at a minimum cost of $50 which I don’t even count as capital when you are planning an online business. The other major requirement for this is that you need to have a basic knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). Always remember if you are content is too good then you don’t need to depend on SEO but if you don’t then you have to optimize your blog in order to find the content buy the people.

For investment, you need a domain name which you can buy for under $1 and a hosting company which is also somewhere between $20 to $30 apart from this rest you can manage by yourself.

2. Surveys and Sweepstakes

Surveys and sweepstakes are also again the best sources of additional income. There are lots of survey sites which provide tasks on daily basis and in exchange for that you earn points which you can convert into a discount coupon or cash depending upon the site terms and policies. There are two types of surveys one which is based on winning and other where you earn the points. The winning based survey has a low chance of winning but …